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15:00-17:30 Gratis Åben Fredagscafé: Biodanza – the Dance of Life

6. september -15:00 - 17:30

We will have a very interesting visit from Italy.

What is Biodanza? The dance of Life and the poetry of human encounter. You can taste it with Flavio Boffetti, Biodanza teacher for 22 years, school director in Italy.

It is not possible to easily define Biodanza because it is something unique and different and never before experienced.
Biodanza is both a joyful and deep practice, for everyone. It is for men and women, for young and adults. To practice Biodanza it is not necessary to know how to dance or to know how to move “well”, because it does not have any right or wrong steps, it is not a traditional dance, but a path of personal growth that uses music and movement to deepen its effects.

You can read more here:

Everyone can partecipate, no prior experience necessary!!!

It doesn´t cost anything to join the café and the dance.
Come alone or bring a friend with you.

You can join the café and if you like, you are welcome to join a free evening class too with Flavio the samme day:

I have a degree in economics and commerce and for seven years I worked as a chartered accountant, but the meeting with Biodanza, which took place in 1994, completely redefined the vision of my life.

After three years of training school and one of internship under the direct guidance of Prof. Rolando Toro Araneda, creator of the Biodanza System, I decided to dedicate myself completely to teaching.

In those years I also experienced multiple psycho-corporeal disciplines, with frequent trips abroad, where I met the Sufi ecstatic dances and tantric rituals, meditation and an unknown number of techniques for personal growth and development of human talents.

Since 1997 I lead weekly groups in Italy and workshops in various cities in Italy and Europe, and I have conducted in South America (Chile, Brazil, Argentina), South Africa (Johannesburg) and the United States (Miami, Naples and New York).

In 2003 I founded the Rolando Toro Training School in Naples, authorized by the same creator of Biodanza who inaugurated it with his own workshops in Posillipo on February 23 of the same year.

I am a founding member of the Italian Association of Biodanza Teachers.

I currently teach weekly courses and workshops in Italy and Europe.
mobile +39 3477655315 (whatsapp also)


6. september
15:00 - 17:30
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